• What's Protein?

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of which new muscle and every cell in your body is constructed of. That is why it is always critically important to select premium protein sources to repair , build and maintain your muscular structure.

    Building muscle is fundamentally important to long term fat loss and enhance metabolism.

    The protein we have selected are of highest quality and will be sure to advance you closer to your physique and training goals.

    Fast absorbing proteins such as wheys are generally consumed at 2 most critical times in the day, this is UPON FIRST RISING in the morning and then the most critical which would be immediately following your workout.Whey protein however is very flexible and can be consumed at any time the individual feels they have not consumed eneough tissue proteins.

    Slow release proteins can be taken anytime but in the instance of MICELLAR CASEIN this is best consumed before bed, or mid afternoon or morning. Again the Caseins provide a welcome addition in making sure you reach your desired level of protein intake daily so as to enhance muscle gain, maintain and repair.