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Diet is a contentious word that has come under a lot of flak because often it is misinterpreted. We at PNS would rather call it a “lifestyle”.

At least with a lifestyle, it is easier to maintain than a rigid and boring diet. We would rather provide you with a flexible group of concepts that you could easily adapt into your daily life.

The whole point, other than the obvious health reasons, is to achieve a defined and toned, even a “hard” and “ripped” physique, with a good proportion of lean muscle mass. This lean muscle mass is of primary importance and is at the heart of the success of PNS’s cardio and training system.

Without your all important lean muscle mass, your metabolism (your bodies ability to burn calories at rest) will be non existent and the goal of an improved physique will become unattainable.


To stimulate your metabolic rate, PNS suggests you try and consume about five meals a day, evenly spaced and approximately 3 hours apart.

Each meal should consist of one portion lean, high quality protein, one portion carbohydrates, as well as essential fats, vitamins, minerals and water, which all vital components of your diet.


Protein, unlike carbohydrates stays at a constant, and should be evenly consumed throughout the day. Each meal should contain protein. Your diet may seem like a lot of food at first, but remember that when you consume the right food you can eat so much more.
You probably eat like most people and only eat once or twice a day, for your metabolism this eating behaviour is not going to ‘cut it’. Think of your body with no eyes and in a baron ‘desert’- it cannot see the water resources and sustenance everywhere – so it naturally holds onto fat and water as it is in survival mode.
Feed it the correct nutrients and hydrate it properly and watch it let go of all your fat, water and toxins.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to train in the morning first thing remember it is vitally important not to consume anything of caloric value before training, as instead of burning fat your body will rather utilize the food previously consumed for power in your workout.
Be smart and trick your body to force it to utilize stored fat as energy!
Fibrous veg should be added into some mid morning, lunch and dinner meals to enhance the vitamin and mineral content of the diet. It is these reserves that will be taxed through your hard training.
1. Remember to avoid all visible fats from Monday – Saturday.
2. Avoid all simple sugars Monday – Saturday.
3. You must try to reduce your sugar intake or if possible eliminate it.
4. Start enjoying sweetener, you will get used to it after a little while.
5. Sugary fizzy drinks are also to be avoided at all times. Rather consume sugar free drinks, like Tab, Diet Sprite etc.
6. Stay well hydrated at all times.
7. On the seventh day, normally your Sunday, eat and enjoy whatever you have been craving during the week.
8. As Monday rolls around get back on track and back to the strict weekly diet.
9. Persevere and persevere some more, then by using the PNS training and cardio system and P.N.S products, expect results!


By allowing yourself this once a week cheat day you reward yourself for all the hard work that you have achieved during the week, so psychologically it makes your diet and training that much more bearable and allows the PNS training and cardio programme to be integrated into your lifestyle on a permanent basis.

Another important point is that by consuming some of the ‘wrong foods’ it serves to actually stimulate your metabolism helping you to actually burn even more fat, so its all good!